Saint Mary's College has a wide range of meeting and event spaces.  We have multiple classrooms for smaller sessions as well as larger meeting facilities for groups.  Our dedicated staff will help arrange the most appropriate space to best service your event. For further questions please call the Campus and Community Events Office at 574-284-4703.

Please see the list below and click on a room to learn more about each facility on campus.

Angela AthletiFacility

The Athletic Facility is presently under construction and will not be available under the Fall 2018.


College Student Center

(Noble Family Dining Hall)

Central to campus, the College Student Center serves as an important building for all. With it's modern look and multiple-faceted rooms, the facility is ideally suited for conferences, meetings, and other organized events. 

Haggar College Center

Across from the serene Lake Marian, Haggar is the perfect spot for many occasions. The elegant building is most popular for it's newly renovated parlor. Perfect for a quaint reception or a small lecture, the building's regal atmosphere makes any event special. 

Havican Hall

This building is home to the Saint Mary's Nursing Program and contains several classrooms to make an ideal location for you and your guests.

​Holy Cross Hall

As you drive down the end of the Avenue you will arrive the oldest residence hall on campus. With charming architecture, this building is your perfect location to visit and hold your event. Home of student dorms, the space also offers the charming South Parlor and basement lounge. 

LeMans Hall

At the heart of campus is LeMans, the building with the bell tower. Built in 1924, LeMans is home to college offices, student dorms, the charming Stapleton and Reignbeaux Lounges, and breathtaking Holy Spirit Chapel. Each of these beautiful rooms are popular event spaces. 

​Madeleva Hall

On the East side of campus you'll find this multi-faceted building to accommodate many different requests. With a convenient parking lot located right outside, the theater-style Carroll Auditorium and spacious classrooms can host you and your guests for a variety of events.

McCandless Hall

McCandless is a modern residence hall that is conveniently located between the Angela Athletic Facility and the Student Center (Dining Hall). The building provides two comfortable lounges perfect for a variety of occasions. 

Moreau Center for the Arts

(O'Laughlin Auditorium) 

Right off the Avenue is the Center for the Arts. Home of the intimate Little Theater, the majestic O'Laughlin Auditorium, and spacious classrooms, the various locations are great for any event. 

Opus Hall

The only apartment-style living on campus found on the very edge of campus is one of Saint Mary's newest buildings. The space has two great lounges that are used as conference rooms that can accommodate a large number of guests. 

Regina Hall

Located on the west edge of campus, Regina houses residents as well as some administrative and academic faculty members. With two spacious lounges book-ending each end of the building, this area can accommodate any event. 

Science Hall

Located next to the library, the Science Hall is a great place for many events. The building has a variety of spaces available ranging from large lecture rooms to intimate classrooms.


Spes Unica Hall

The modern Spes Unica Hall is a favorite among many. Built in 2008, this is the newest building on campus and will captivate you with its great atmosphere. Spes Unica Hall holds a variety of possibilities for you and your guests, as it is home to many large classrooms and lounge areas.