Saint Mary's College Catering and Food Services Policy


Catered Events and Food Service Functions are defined as the furnishing of food and beverages to the Saint Mary’s Community and guests with the intent to advance the interests of the College. Catering services may be purchased for official college meetings, functions, luncheons, receptions, and similar events. The account manager is responsible for the prudent use of catering services.

1. Definitions

a. Through-the-line - This service is available during the academic year, when classes are in session or during the summer when conferences are operating. Through-the-line prices are set by Sodexo and feature a buffet style meal setting in the Noble Family Dining Hall.

b. Catering - Sodexo provides catering service for all events at any available campus facility. This usually involves food that is prepared in the Dining Hall and transported to the event, which may be in another room or building. A department, agency, or guest may secure a catering quote through the Sodexo Catering Manager. Catered events may include a delivery charge.

c. Internal Client - An employee or student of Saint Mary’s College representing an academic department, an office, or an organization conducting an event.

d. External Client - Anyone who is not employed at Saint Mary’s wishing to hold a function at the College should contact Campus and Community Events. Employees of the College wishing to hold a private event on campus will be considered external clients (i.e. party, wedding reception, baby shower, anniversary).

e. “Pot Luck” or “Carry In” Events - An event where food is prepared and carried in by the attending staff.

2. Guidelines

a. Catering - Sodexo is the exclusive food provider for Saint Mary’s College. Sodexo assumes responsibility for feeding students and catering College events. Sodexo also assumes the liability for providing this service.

Food may be brought to an event by a college employee or student for an internal event, (“Pot Luck / Carry In”), if that event is strictly for College employees and/or students.

Internal clients, external clients and outside caterers will not be permitted to use kitchen facilities in the Clubhouse, CYBER Café, Haggar Center, Stapleton Lounge / Conference Room, Spes Unica, or in the Dining Hall.

External clients using Saint Mary’s facilities must use Sodexo as their on campus food service provider.

Saint Mary’s staff, faculty and students may elect to provide their own food at their own events, but in doing so, they also assume the liability. If the event includes members outside the College community (i.e. guest speakers,) an outside caterer may be brought in only if the sponsoring organization can document that the caterer selected is providing the service at a cost below the Sodexo estimate. Outside caterers will not be permitted to use kitchen facilities in the Clubhouse, CYBER Café, Haggar Center, Stapleton Lounge / Conference Room, Spes Unica, or in the Dining Hall. Any outside catering firms must provide the same liability insurance, state and county health permits to operate off-site catering events, and food safety handling certifications required by law.
The sponsoring organization must provide the quote to Sodexo for the same services to be rendered at their event, not later than 7 (seven) business days prior to their event. Sodexo will be required to provide the sponsoring organization a lower quote for their event with in 5 (five) business days. If Sodexo does not do so then permission to bring in an outside source that meets standards will be granted.

Clients (external and internal) requesting catering services from Sodexo must provide at least 5 business days for their event, with final adjustments no later than 3 business days prior to their event. Any deviations may result in additional charges.

b. Dining Hall & Student Center Conference Rooms - Conference Room A is reserved from 11-2 p.m. Monday thru Friday for faculty and staff lunch use. Conference Rooms A thru F are available for “through-the-line meals”. All conference rooms may take advantage of catering services or supply their own food as long as they meet the definition of a “Pot-Luck” or “Carry In” event. Failure to remove food and trash from the room by the user will result in the suspension of the use of these rooms for dining.

The Dining Hall or West Wing can be used for “thru-the-line meals” but exclusive use of the rooms will not be possible unless it is after dining hours, and appropriate measures are taken to insure there is security and the areas are ready for service the following meal period.

c. Cyber Café - The Cyber Café in the Student Center is operated by Sodexo and serves both external and internal clients. No outside food or drink will be permitted in the Cyber Café. This includes food purchased in the convenience store.

d. Spes Unica Cafe - The Spes Unica Café in the Spes Unica Academic Building is operated by Sodexo and serves both external and internal clients. No outside food or drink will be permitted in the Spes Unica Café. This includes food purchased in the convenience store.

e. Sodexo and Campus and Community Events - Sodexo and Campus and Community Events often collaborate on College events at Saint Mary’s. Clients requesting food information will be directed to Sodexo. Clients requesting event information and space availability will be referred to Campus and Community Events. It is imperative that these agencies respect the boundaries of their respective areas of responsibility.

f. College Rebate - The College Rebate line item on Sodexo invoices allows Campus and Community Events to include a 17% administrative fee which is included in the catering quote for the client. The line item is not seen by the client, since Sodexo invoices Special Events and Campus and Community Events, in turn, invoices the client. The College rebate is included for external clients only. As a courtesy to employees of the College, the rebate is also not applied to employees holding a private event at Saint Mary’s. Campus and Community Events will submit any deviations from the College Rebate policy to the Presidential Cabinet for approval. The Rebate is strictly applied at the discretion of the College and is to remain confidential.

g. Labor & Room Sets - Events requiring a set-up beyond the normal default positioning of the room will be assessed a labor charge either from Sodexo or Campus and Community Events. Including set up and take down time, this will apply to internal and external clients. If an event requires rental of additional storage space, (i.e. trailer for existing dining hall tables), the cost will be passed directly to the client and there may be additional administrative fees.

h. Sales Tax - The State of Indiana requires Sales Tax to be paid on all catered events where the General Public is in attendance and non-college funds are used to pay a portion of the food service expense. Non-College funds include money collected from those attending the function and/or federal, state, or private grants provided to support the event. Any catered event where non-college funds will pay for all or part of the food service invoice are to be routed through Campus and Community Events. Likewise, the food service invoice is to be processed through Campus and Community Events to insure that Sales Tax, if applicable, is added before the invoice is presented to the Business Office for payment. Any question as to whether or not an event is subject to the Indiana Sales Tax may be directed to Campus and Community Events.