Reserving Rooms

Campus and Community Events

Located in O'Laughlin Auditorium


Reserve a Space


Please be prepared to share the following information:

  • Name of event?
  • Date and time of event?
  • What department is sponsoring the event?
  • Preferred location? 
  • Contact person information?
  • Will you need support services? (Catering, Tech, AV, special set-up)
  • What account will be used to pay for services?


Event Costs

Officially sponsored events through a recognized College department or organization will not be charged room rental.  Services that incur cost include: catering, technical personnel (sound and lighting support), equipment rental.  Performance spaces such as the Little Theatre, Carroll Auditorium and O'Laughlin, will require the use of technical staff, due to liability.  Technical staff is paid an hourly rate, with a three hour minimum charge.  For specific cost, please contact Campus and Community Events.  If an event requires a significant set-up which affects activities that have been reserved in the same space, overtime charges may apply. This is especially true on or close to the weekend.