O'Laughlin auditorium is the centerpiece for The Moreau Center for Arts. Built in 1955-56, the facade of the entrance features frescos by muralist Jean Charlot, designed to commemorate the opening of the center and to honor the arts. The frescos were a gift made during commencement week of 1956 by the student body. Jean Charlot (1898-1979) received an honorary degree from the College during that Commencement ceremony.

In 2009, the artwork underwent restoration by the Chicago Conservation Center. The project required painstaking attention to detail. Once completed, their original color and vibrancy came to life. Today they stand as a reminder of the blessing of art in our lives.  For more information visit:  The Conservation Center

Fourteen frescos may be found at the entrance of O'Laughlin, the fifteenth is located at the entrance to the Little Theatre on the North side of the Moreau Center.


Saint Theresa of Avila- Dance