Bloom for Girls

Seminar for Moms and Daughters

Join us for a one-day seminar
Sunday, July 19, 2015 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.*

*Lunch included
$45 per person

Bloom for Girls, LLC is a program created for moms and daughters to begin filling our toolboxes with confidence, self awareness, and gratitude for the gift of womanhood we've been given. The program is intended for middle school girls between the ages of 10 and 14 and their mothers or guardians.

Join Bloom for two dynamic workshops (lunch and yoga included) that will send you forth inspired to embrace your femininity and celebrate the positives of being a woman in today's society. The goal of Bloom is to educate and start conversation about the challenges girls face today created by our digital culture, the mass media, bullying, and body image in a fun, constructive way. Prepare for a day of laughing, bonding, sharing, and learning from one another.

A report commissioned by Saint Mary's College, The Status of Girls in Indiana 2013, indicated that at this age, girls experience feelings of sadness or hopelessness more often than boys.

The Bloom for Girls, LLC programming counteracts these findings by bringing moms or caregivers and daughters together through fun experiences and conversation to find the root of the what makes them great. The ultimate goal of the Bloom experience is to spark conversation on issues affecting our girls, to learn from each other, and to go forth inspired to continue talking to each other and friends and family. Being a girl is an amazing gift, when we know the power we have from within. Let's make the time to spend a purposeful day together that will keep giving to both of you for many years to come.


We need to keep talking.
We need to keep questioning.
We need to embrace the power we have as women.
It is our time.
Let's Bloom!

Friendship and Bullying
Walking Through the Digital World: What is my Footprint?
Love Your Beauty
I am Healthy!

Beginner Yoga Class
All participants can elect to participate in this class that is designed for mother and daughter to focus on balance, breath control, gentle movements and mindful meditation. No experience necessary. Please dress in comfortable clothing.

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Friendship and Bullying (Morning Session)

Presented by Molly Bell, Bloom for Girls, LLC Founder

It has been proven in psychological studies that women are socially pre-wired. We thrive on connectivity and emotional bonding, especially with other women. Yet, we are also our own worst critics and competition. How can we use our gifts to better friends? By engaging in some self analysis of what we bring to the table as a friend through art, discussion, meditation, and role playing, the goal of this workshop is to leave with the self awareness to be a good friend and to know how to seek good friends and keep them.


Walking Through the Digital World: What is my Footprint? (Morning Session)

Presented by Catherine Fleming, Esq.

This program is a fun-filled, educational workshop designed to help mothers and daughters explore together the ways in which the digital world has changed the way we search for our own personal identity. The goal of the workshop is to start healthy, on-going discussions and self-reflection about how the choices we make using today's technology can have an everlasting imprint on how the rest of the world sees us as individuals.

Love Your Beauty (Afternoon Session)

Presented by Molly Bell, Bloom for Girls, LLC Founder

Is beauty really only skin deep? Become a media savvy pro when it comes to how women are portrayed in advertising and the mass media. Let's try to redefine what beauty means to us in regard to ourselves and the women we love and admire in our lives.


I am Healthy! (Afternoon Session)

Presented by Michelle Linsmeier, MD

This workshop helps moms and daughters explore the idea of being healthy in 2015 and beyond. Through group discussions, breakout sessions and creative activities, we will help all participants recognize their own definition of a healthy body image. How can adult women in our daughter's lives model healthy body habits and positive conversation about our bodies? Can we expand the narrow definition of a 'healthy' body depicted by pop culture and find ways to embrace our natural and unique bodies? Let's start the conversation - "I am Unique. I am Healthy!"