Moreau Center 

Facility Use Form


Background and History

The Moreau Center for the Arts was built in 1956 to establish a cultural arts center, provide a learning environment for students and to present a variety of fine arts for the region.  The building contains two performance venues:  O’Laughlin Auditorium (1,300 seats) and the Little Theatre (275 seats).  The Moreau Center is home to the Department of Art, the Department of Music, The Department of Communication Studies, Dance, and Theatre and The Office Campus and Community  Events.  The Moreau Center also contains the Moreau Art Galleries.  

Moreau Venues

Both performance venues in the Moreau Center  have been used for classes, rehearsals, public performances, internal events and external rentals.  These areas contain stage equipment shared by many departments and offices.  This includes stage curtains, concert pianos, costumes and costume shop, scene shop, an orchestra shell, lighting systems, sound systems, a full 47 line rigging system in O’Laughlin, video projectors, projection screens for both spaces, and box office stations. 


Every fall, the faculty and Campus and Community Events meet to reserve the performance spaces for the next academic year.  Priority is given to Music, Dance, and Theatre classes which require performances, concerts, or recitals for their majors.   Priority is also given to major College events, such as Honors Convocation and Orientation.   Second priority is given to Admissions for recruiting events dates and the Performing Arts Series.  Third priority is given to Student Groups and external rentals. 


Use of the Moreau Center performance spaces must be scheduled through Campus and Community Events and only under the direct, on-site, supervision of Saint Mary’s faculty or staff members.   Since the equipment contained in these spaces is valuable and specific to the spaces, staff and faculty must insure that only properly trained personnel will have access to the equipment and operate it under safe and accepted industry standards.  Failure to comply with these standards may result in serious injury, or loss of life.  Any use of the performance spaces must include properly trained technical crew and adequate staffing for on-stage activities, the control booth and front of house personnel.   

Facility Use Form: 

Saint Mary’s Faculty, staff,  or administrators must be present during the rehearsal periods and during performances to insure safe, proper use of all stage equipment, including:  lighting, sound, rigging and projection systems, scenery, props, costumes and any activity using the scene shop .  

A signed use form must be on file in the Office of Special Events prior to the beginning of each rehearsal or performance.   This form will identify the nature and scope of the event planned for The Little Theatre or O’Laughlin.  The form will also establish accountability for use of these spaces.